I am the Universe.
I am your sky, your earth, your ocean.
I am you.

I have known you for thousands of years before your birth.
I know that now is the time you will come into existence, and I want to tell you one thing before you leave this place.

Humans are amazing things.
You tell stories to instill the feeling of awe in our children, you gaze at our beautiful moonlit skies, imagination taking over as you plan your next great adventure.

The beauty in this world, you’ll make within the oppressive limitations of reality and death and impermanence.

The possibilities are infinite, every life we live, every living creature has an entirely unique experience, a new story being written down in the pages of a great novel encompassing the world,
The sights you’ll see, the sounds you’ll hear, the never-ending curiosity and your capability for love.
The lives that you live are so complicated and yet so simple

I can’t wait for you to join them in this great big world of ours.

And that’s why I need you to know that every moment you spend loving yourself, that is me  loving you and loving being you.

Because you’re going to be someone extraordinary.

I just know it.


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